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We have extensive experience in delivering the highest quality of service, always improving upon and exceeding each and every one of our client’s expectations.

Many prospective customers have no idea how to rent hoisting equipment or perform the process required. As a rule, such equipment is owned by public utility providers. However, a client may not use their equipment on a formal basis, therefore, the client has to pay extra or think of some other ways to get around.

When placing your order with us, you need to take a few simple steps:

  • Contact our manager 917-946-3335‬ to specify a volume of works needed. Our specialists would make a recommendation on the machinery needed.
  • Our experts will visit you to make an assessment and to select a hoist standing point.
  • Our experts will get an approval from local authorities/traffic police, as well as any permits or licenses.
  • Next step involves task performance according to the well-planned schedule, and the completion stage.

Depending on the situation, there may be some difficulties like prohibited truck routes, narrow lanes, or hoist obstacles. The said issues are no problem to us. Our managers will find an optimum solution. They will obtain the documentation and approvals from any authorities required.

Additional services

Approvals and documentation

Some services are subject to approval or licensing. Obtaining this without a professional assistance would require much time and effort.

Routing and planning

This stage is a must. Otherwise, high-rise operations would be performed in a random way, with the customer losing its time to resolve the organizational issues.


A hoist standing point is fenced with safety blocks and taped to ensure traffic safety or to prevent any accidents.

Traffic flagging

In order to prevent traffic jamming during the hoist operations in the narrow city streets, continuous traffic flagging is required.

Some reasons to engage professionals

We have been continuously improving our technical resources. State-of-the art rigs, effective means and fully operational hoisting equipment ensure the fast and effective solutions for any sophisticated task. Hence, our prices are reasonable, and the services are performed promptly.

Our experts adopt the global practices in this field of expertise.

Use our services to enjoy the advantages:

  • Works are performed by highly-skilled full-time professionals.
  • Fully operational, new and duly-maintained equipment to prevent any technical delays.
  • Affordable pricing. You don’t have to pay extra for downtime because our operations are prompt.
  • Prompt work completion. Our experts provide prompt servicing even in the event of complex approval or preparation.
  • Flexible schedules. You tell us when you would like us to arrive to the work location.
  • We assist in documentation obtaining. We have an experience of dealing with the complex bureaucratic processes.

Professional services would allow work performance within minimum working hours. This would not only save your money. It would also solve any complicated problems without undue effort. We are self-confident. Therefore, you would know the final price and exact deadlines as early as at the assessment stage.