About Our Company

At Skyway Lift Rentals, we’re dedicated to providing top-of-the-line aerial lifts and unsurpassed service to each and every one of our customers in the Tri-State Area. We’re proud to serve a wide range of clients that includes contractors, businesses, management companies, and commercial and residential property owners.

Help You Take on a Variety of Projects

Help You Take on a Variety of Projects

We believe in building and sustaining long-term relationships with our customers. That’s why many of them continue to work with us time and time again. You can say that we provide small-business quality with big-business capabilities.

Our fleet of truck-mounted lifts is here to help you take on a variety of projects — from construction sites at 230 feet to renovations at 92 feet. Our team of certified and trained experts are on-site to safely operate the equipment and efficiently tackle each task from start to finish.

No matter what the project is, we’re here to assist in all of your aerial lift needs. After all, when you work with us, the sky is the new limit.

Our Mission: Safety, Quality, and Efficiency

Our Mission: Safety, Quality, and Efficiency

Skyway Lift Rentals is a company that’s dedicated to being the best provider of aerial truck lifts in the Tri-State Area.

How do we accomplish this? Through our dedication to safety, outstanding customer service, and quick response times for every rental request.

We consider our clients as the backbone of our business. We fully understand that our continued success depends on customer satisfaction and the relationships we sustain.

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Sky Is The New Limit

Proudly Featuring State-of-the-Art Equipment

At Skyway Lift Rentals, our fleet of truck-mounted aerial lifts provides our clients with excellence and flexibility. With a height range of 40 to 230 feet, our high-quality equipment can operate in a variety of settings — from construction sites to residential and commercial locations.

Taking Your Project to New Heights

Our Bronto S230 XR is a true game changer. With a maximum reach of 230 feet, this state-of-the-art equipment is bound to get the job done.

Competitive Rates for Every Budget

It doesn’t matter if your project is big or small. We offer competitive rates on our high-quality equipment rentals to all of our clients.

Dedicated to Safety and Excellence

As a member of the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), we value safety above all else. Our certified operators are trained in facilitating safe work conditions for everyone involved.