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Skyway Lift Rentals New York
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Skyway Lift Rentals Corp. is your ultimate choice in Telescopic Aerial Lift rentals. We provide superior lift rental service in the Greater New York area, New Jersey and Connecticut. Committed to Customer Service, we ensure reliable rental solutions for businesses, contractors, commercial and residential property owners and management companies.

Our solid team of operators and rigging personnel are all properly trained and certified to operate our equipment safely and efficiently.

High-rise operations, over-balcony/window lifting, exterior or window cleaning are just a few of our most popular services. Our machinery fleet consists of various multi-purpose hoists including those used for the most effective and sophisticated tasks.

Sky is The New Limit…

We use the following equipment in our work:

  • Aerial work platform on Bronto Skylifts S230 XR basis (maximum lift height 230 ft, maximum safe load capacity of 1300 lbs)
  • Aerial work platform on Bronto Skylifts S150 XDT basis (maximum lift height 150 ft, maximum safe load capacity of 1500 lbs)
  • Platform lift on Bronto Skylifts S150 XDT basis (maximum lift height 92 ft, maximum safe load capacity of 500 lbs)

The said hoists may be equipped with general-purpose or dedicated rigs, for exterior cleaning or insulation works, lifting of standard-size items to the upper floor, or for monitor camera’s installation or repairing.

Our Truck mounted aerial lifts can easily maneuver vertically and horizontally, thus reducing the total labor hours required for completing a project. In the contracting business, you need to setup up a safety and support system before starting to work on a job site.

We have the highly-experienced personnel who undergo regular training and exploit state-of-the art techniques. Moreover, we possess a variety of dedicated equipment to provide different high-rise services.

Setting up support systems such as temporary suspended scaffolds require more time, money and labor. By utilizing our Telescopic truck Mounted Aerial Lifts you receive instant access to your working area thus reducing your operation costs and the time required to complete the project.